Innovate MED International

Developing unique  health opportunities  to satisfy unmet medical needs in Asia

Health excellence in East Asia and Southeast Asia


We identify unique opportunities and satisfy them with our market access and distribution expertise


We work with regional partners around East Asia and Southeast Asia


We are based in Taipei and Singapore


Pedal Hygiene

Introducing a unique antifungal spray developed with the patient in mind and composed of only natural active ingredients, like Manuka oil

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Male Incontinence

The only urinary control device that offers all-day comfort and normal blood flow, particularly effective in post-prostatectomy situations

Taiwan Class 1 Approval

Pacey Cuff has obtained approval as Class 1 Medical Device in Taiwan 衛部醫器輸壹字第021967號

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Nasal Hygiene

The only all-natural seawater nasal spray enhanced with xylitol — when used 3x daily can prevent adherence of bacteria


03Licensing & Distribution

Network of physical distribution channels and growing eCommerce platform

03Taiwan Sourcing

Extensive cGMP/PICS certified healthcare sources in Taiwan, including API, medical devices and molecular biological supplies

03Market Access

  • Market Sizing
  • KOL Engagement
  • Product Registration
  • Commercialization
  • Marketing Materials Localization
  • Strategic Pricing

East Asia & Southeast Asia

We offer our partners on-the-ground experience in affluent and emerging markets in Asia

Greater China

Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau are the gateways and trend setters for Mainland China


Asian Tiger that serves as the hub for ASEAN markets


7th largest economy in Asia, and 22nd largest in the world (2019)

The Philippines

Dynamic emerging market comprising over 16% of the population of Southeast Asia


Kevin Hsieh

Kevin Hsieh

Corporate Strategy / Business Development

KEVIN HSIEH takes care of overall management and business development. He is based in Singapore.

Kevin brings more than 15 years of experience in GSK, Pfizer, and Merck Serono, in areas such as vaccines, infectious disease and urology as well as market access and pricing knowledge of South East Asia marketsll

Catherine Huang

Catherine Huang


CATHERINE HUANG is responsible for logistical operations in Taiwan and e-commerce. She is based in Taipei.

Catherine was a Relationship Marketing Assistant Manager at the Grand Hyatt Taipei for 15 years before becoming Head of Operations at Alleycats Pizza, Taiwan’s largest independent pizza chain.

Gus Adapon

Gus Adapon

Commercial Development

GUS ADAPON handles commercial development and corporate communications. He is based in Taipei.

Gus counts more than 16 yrs. of biopharma experience in OBI Pharma and GSK in Taiwan and China, plus 7 years in the buy-side and sell-side of equity portfolio management in New York, HK and Taiwan.

Global LIcensing


We are proud to represent our global partners in our Asian markets and look forward to fruitful and longterm relationships

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